Web Integration

TundraBlue Inc. is a key provider of high-level integration technologies. We develop "Single-Sign-On" applications to both friendly and non-friendly websites.

Data Integration

We offer key data integration services vital to most labor saving projects. Data scrubing, Data feeds, XML signing, RSS feeds, certificate management, and certificate generation.

Web Application Development

TundraBlue Inc. builds advanced web applications with similar or same behaviour as desktop applications. Do you have a desktop application you would like made available on the web. We have many options to bring web-access to your users including: existing application ties, database ties, and application cloning. We specialize in web-based data entry applications that offer the same speed as standard desktop applications.

Browser Extensions

We build custom browser extensions for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Do you have regular clientele that depend on your services on a daily basis? Ask about what a browser extension could do to keep your site up during a Denial of Service attack on your DNS Server and decrease overall webpage load times. In an age of massive cyber attacks, insulating yourself from large targets like DNS Servers should be a security priority for companies doing business though the web.

Content Systems

CMS or content management systems are a must for any company that requires regular content changes. Other tools we regularly install that are useful in deploying large amounts of data over extended time periods are: blogs; forums, and content delivery systems (used for delivering content to other websites).

Web2.0 Social Mediums

TundraBlue Inc. is also a key provider of next-generation integration technologies such as: Twittering, twitter management, myspace & facebook apps, myspace & facebook management, Kudzu & Yelp integrations.

Search Optimization

We offer a comprehensive Search Optimization Analysis which includes: Content Optimization, Link Optimization, and Keyword Optimization to increase page ranking. Partner Development, Network Optimization, and MetaData cleaning & building can also be included in your analysis. After a Search Optimization Plan is approved, we can begining imediately on increasing your search engine traffic through implementation of your custom tailored plan.

Traffic Management

Traffic Flow analysis is perhaps the most commonly overlooked, yet vital, review and analysis one can perform. A proper study should include, but not be limited to, site penetration (how many links deep into your site your users get), resource importance (how used are particular web resources), traffic flow patterns (the order in which users visit webpages), page load testing, ect. Once a comprehensive report is built tactics such as, navigation flattening, bread crumb implementation, page load optimization, and flow manipulation can be used to increase the functionality of your site and accelerate information gathering for your users.

W3C compliance

TundraBlue Inc. Specializes in bringing sites into W3C Compliance. Compliant sites have shorter rendering times and avoid browser specific rendering errors caused by rendering webpages in quirksmode. We also specialize in getting sites to render in Standards mode once the code is compatible.

Site Updates and Development

We also provide basic web development services and existing site support. We specialize in ASP .NET, Javascript, and CSS. We also develop and service PHP sites.

Site Conversions

TundraBlue Inc. also does full site conversions. Interested in converting your server code to a completly new language? Contact us for information on conversions. Intersted in AJAX? Contact us to see how we can speed up your users' experiences and reduce bandwidth usage.

NonProfit discount

We offer discounts for many NonProfit organizations. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your organization.

Affiliate discount

TundraBlue Inc. offers various discounts to affiliates. Contact us to learn more about becomming a TundraBlue Inc. affiliate.